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Open Since 1992 - Composite aircraft design, manufacturing and repairs. Carbon fiber race car components.

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..... ..For sale Some parts available for sale to other builders.
..... ..Composite Repairs..[trike pod] [CTSW rebuild] [CTLS fuselage]
..... ..Race cars parts..Dragster wings
..... ..Hangbuggy - My new all composite trike design
..... ..Ultralight motorglider Ultralight motorglider concept
..... ..My HiMax ten years of evolution of my airplane is on this page
..... ..TowMax The hang glider towplane.
..... ..Cumulus motorglider Back in production
..... ..Flighstar II The ultralight two seat trainer
..... ..Lancair IV What ??? George building a Lancair IV ??? Yes I did, but it surely wasn't for myself.
..... ..BRS - don't leave the ground without it
..... ..Finishing a composite airplane A complete guide.
..... ..Composite landing gear Making of the main gear and tail spring.
..... ..How to make a fiberglass part - Easy to follow tutorial
..... ..Fiberglass fuel tank how to make one and why you would.
..... ..Two stroke engine mystery solved Do they really quit and why ???

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