Flightstar II SC

Flighstar specifications
Engine - Rotax 505-50hp, 582-64hp, HKS-60hp
Weight - 385 + lb empty / 950 lb gross
Stall speed - 36 mph
Climb - 600 fpm
Cruise speed - 65 mph
Vne - 96 mph

Flightstar II SL/SE is one of the best two seat ultralight trainers available today. With side by side seating , excellent visibility , gentle flight characteristics and great performance. Simple well thought design makes this kit easy and fast to build and durable in service. Factory support is excellent. I built the tooling molds and currently produce the Flightstar’s fiberglass cabin. Majority of design input was from Tom and Sparky, the Flightstar owners.

click to enlarge The foam stage, only the upper lip is fiberglased here, that was to allow the fabricating and mating of the windshield plug . I needed to that first and send it to the shop that fabricates the windshields.
click to enlarge Windshield plug finished and in place , I just made a lay-up that will later form a recess joggle for the windshield mounting .
click to enlarge All the foam is covered with fiberglass now, a lot of filling and sanding will follow.
click to enlarge All finished , let’s go flying
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