CTSW rebuild
This is one of the bigger repair projects. This airplane run off the runway collapsing the nose wheel and flipped over on its back. The pictures of the original damage and repairs were lost on the failed hard drive so it starts at the finishing body work with the damage already repaired.

click to enlarge This is my shop in full action
click to enlarge The front bottom suffered significant damage when the nose wheel collapsed by digging into the ground and the wheel itself punched a hole through.
click to enlarge The top got a few holes punched in the skin and crushed skylight window that has been replaced.
click to enlarge The top third of the rudder was gone and had to be rebuilt, The factory makes the repair pieces for the rudder as this is a common repair for turned over airplanes.
click to enlarge The repairs are basically done and all of the surface is sanded down by 220 as the whole thing will be repainted.
click to enlarge The repairs are now primed with surfacing primer and sanded down to 220 to remove all the visible scratches from the body work sanding.
click to enlarge Everything that is not meant to get any paint is masked and sealed off and its now ready for the final paint.
click to enlarge All done, perfect job, you cant even tell there were any repairs by just looking at it. All thatís left is to clean up all the mess.

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